Top 5 Signs Your Couches Need Professional Cleaning

Couches are the most important part of home décor that is often ignored when it comes to general cleaning. While many homeowners simply follow the rule of thumb and hire couch cleaning Perth experts once a year, many rely on DIY hacks.

Your couches need regular cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, different factors affect the condition of your upholsteries; therefore, the rule of thumb cannot be applied to all. Thankfully, your upholstered furniture gives tell-tale signs that you need to understand to keep your couches safe and clean!

Here are some of the most obvious signs that your couches require professional cleaning.

Visible Dirt

Your couches accumulate body oils, sand, dirt, sweat, and fumes particles which can all take a toll on the upholstery, affecting the original look and making it appear dingy over time. You may notice a change in texture and colour, particularly if you own lighter-coloured upholstery fabric furniture.

Looking at the inner side, or tucked away, part of the couch to see the original colour is an easy way to know for sure it’s time for a cleaning. Consult an upholstery cleaning Perth expert and get your couches cleaned to perfection!


Accidents happen, and no one is immune to stains. Stains on fabric upholstery can accumulate over time, leading you to wonder if it’s time to replace that piece of furniture.

Just when the time comes and you start wondering about couch replacement, consider hiring professionals for sofa cleaning Perth and get stain removal services.

Don’t ignore your slightly stained couches and give them the care they deserve!


Your upholstery fabric absorbs a lot of odours. Fabric furniture upholstery can absorb odours that accumulate and begin to smell bad over time. Cooking odours, sweat, body odours, pet odours, and even moisture are examples of absorbable odours.

Additionally, mould growth on the couches is another reason behind your stinking couches. Smell the furniture if you walk into your living room unexpectedly and notice something “off.” Perhaps it’s time for a professional cleaning.

It is a sign you need professional couch cleaning Perth service. Call the experts immediately and get your couches inspected and treated so you can maintain a healthy environment at home!

Worsening Allergies

Pet dander and other allergy triggers aren’t the only things that can remain trapped in your fabric furniture upholstery. If you end up leaving doors open in a high-pollen spring, pollen particles will stick to the furniture and affect any pollen-related allergy symptoms you may have.

People with asthma and allergies can experience the worst allergic reactions and even have difficulty breathing, skin problems, runny nose and so on. In either case, having an upholstery cleaning Perth expert clean your furniture to remove these particles is the best course of action.

You Don’t Remember Cleaning Them In a Long Time

Keeping your couches clean is important, despite the fact; many homeowners remain forgetful when it comes to professional couch cleaning services. DIY upholstery cleaning is recommended but you should not rely on it solely as it fails to deep clean your couches and does not eliminate bacteria from the deepest layers.

If you are having a hard time remembering the last time you hire a professional for sofa cleaning Perth it is a sign that you need to call the experts right away! Don’t let your couches accumulate dirt and stains, give them the care they deserve.

Make sure your couches are cleaned professionally at least twice or thrice a year for maintaining better hygiene at home!

Final Words

These are the top signs that you should not keep in mind. Make sure you never ignore the stains, odours and visible dullness of your couches. Furthermore, worsening allergies and complete reliance on DIY hacks are also signs that your couch needs professional assistance!

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